Choppa Vapes 99p Samples Sample Pack

Choppa Vapes 99p Samples Sample Pack gives you an option to purchase all the 99p sample from a range of your choice at a discounted price from Choppa Vapes.  There is currently 1 range that you can choose from.

This gives you the ability to try out the flavours from a particular range instead of buying each flavour individually helping you find your favourite range and most importantly helping you find your flavour.

Ranges Available:

  • Choppa Vapes Sample Pack 14 x 10 ml – Flavours – Red Slush, Cola Slush, Blue Slush, Forest Fruits, Black Widow, Blackcurrant Gazillions, Bubblegum Gazillions, Screwball Ice Cream, SCVC, Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream, Blackcurrant Tunes, Pink Lemonade, P.O.G Punch, Fantasi Orange.

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– Choppa Vapes 99p Sample Pack 14 x 10ml

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Choppa Vapes

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99p Samples


Choppa Vapes

E-Liquid Samples

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